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Honesty Floors is located just outside of Boone NC in Deep Gap. While offering services in other flooring options such as decorative concrete, Honesty Floors specializes in Wood Floors. The company is operated by me, Terry Gunnell-Beck. I have always had a strong entrepreneur mindset. After learning the skills and craftsmanship of wood floor sanding and installation, I decided to start up my own company that would provide this service to the local area.

It seems that many “outside” companies are coming into the area to do this trade. While there is nothing wrong with this practice, I noticed the benefits of a LOCAL company. While anyone can be a “phone call away” living in the area allows me the opportunity to meet with customers face to face on the very jobsite in discussion. While rising gas prices are affecting everyone, a local short drive allows me to give free estimates and address any questions a customer may have. This also allows me to do smaller jobs that other companies would have to over price. I feel that all homeowners should have a quality floor, no matter who you are or how big your house may be.

Another great advantage of operating my own business is the ability in taking “ownership” in my hard work. I am the only “employee” of Honesty Floors. This allows me to be the only person between the contractor/homeowner and the actual laborer, eliminating all opportunities of miscommunication. Without the burdens of low wage employees, I am able to use my hard working ambition and attention to detail. I am not only the “quality control” person, I am also controlling the quality. This allows Honesty Floors to do as we say “Standing on Quality so you can too”.

Created by: Scott Gunnell-Beck