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Caring for your wood floors

  • Dirt and grit tracked in from outside can scratch and dent the finish on your floor. To avoid this, door mats and area rugs should be placed both outside and inside doorways. Rubber non-slip backing can cause damage to the finish and should be avoided. Rugs should also be placed in front of any sink or water source to help spills from discoloring the floors. These rugs should remain clean and dry.
  • Spills or standing water can cause swelling, dulling, or discoloration of your floors. Clean up any spills immediately with a clean dry towel.
  • Everyday cleaning of your wood floor is simple and easy. Micro-fiber mops or vacuums with hard wood bristled attachments can make quick and easy cleaning. Avoid using cleaners with oil or wax based. If mixed improperly, these cleaners can cause buildup on the finish and cause a dull, discolored look. If using a liquid cleaner, make certain to keep all standing water off the floor, just damp mop for the sake of your floors. (see note on spills and standing water)
  • High heel shoes in poor repair can cause damage to your floors. Make sure they have all protective caps in place and all steel supporting rods not exposed.
  • Chairs and furniture should have soft plastic or fabric-faced glides to prevent scuffing and scratching.
  • When moving heavy furniture, do not slide it on the wood. It should be picked up off the floor and carried into place. Refrigerators and stoves should be carefully placed. Never roll these appliances across the grain of the wood, this will cause dents and damage to the floor.
  • Humidity changes can cause movement in your wood floor. This is unavoidable in a natural product such as wood. Keeping humidifiers in the winter and dehumidifiers in the summer will help keep the levels constant and reduce the amount the floors will move.

Created by: Scott Gunnell-Beck