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Hardwood floors can be installed in virtually any room in your house. With proper care and maintenance they will hold up to the test of time and serve homeowners for the life of the home. The diversity of wood allows you to create dramatic and custom looks. With the choice of colors, patterns and styles of hardwood flooring the choices can be endless. Oak, Pine, and Maple are perhaps the most popular hardwoods used in flooring. Bamboo, American cherry, Brazilian cherry, Hickory and Walnut are other favorites for many floors.

The preferred flooring product as well as the most traditional, is the solid 3/4" material. This can in most cases outlast our lifetimes. Solid wood flooring can be completely sanded and refinished many times provided it is done correctly, by a professional such as us at Honesty Floors.

Engineered flooring is also a very durable flooring product that can be applied in situations where Solid products are not desired. Some examples would include over concrete or other surfaces where the flooring should be floated or glued.

Created by: Scott Gunnell-Beck